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Automate and Sync eCommerce WooCommerce Sales Orders and Financial Info with Channel Sales Manager

Tired of multiple reports and disparate systems that only show a piece of the puzzle?

Do More – All in One Place

    • Automate WooCommerce order retrieval; ensuring you'll never miss an order.
    • Send WooCommerce order shipment information in real-time.
    • Detect changes to an order that is in fulfillment processing.
    • Create customers based on WooCommerce customers and create WooCommerce customers from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central customers and contacts.
    • Send product inventory quantities that WooCommerce can show as available for sale.
    • Send pricing to WooCommerce that is specific to a Business Central item or price group.
    • Maintain additional product information such as image file names and long HTML descriptions.
    • Send new or updated product information to WooCommerce, making it instantly buyer ready.
    • CSM for WooCommerce is built within Dynamics 365 Business Central. There is no external middleware to complicate the integration.
    • Manage multiple WooCommerce stores (B2B, retail, specialty) and easily measure their financial impact.
    • Built by experts that have deep knowledge of eCommerce and WooCommerce functionality.

Avoid Sales Fulfillment Errors

    • Workflow automation and complete sales order visibility help you achieve what matters most to your customers – accurate and faster order processing.

Powered by Microsoft

    • By harnessing the power of Business Central and CSM, you’re positioned to grow at any rate and to any size without making costly changes to your ERP system.

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    • More than one marketplace channel or platform? No problem - Connect to multiple eCommerce platforms.

Supported Editions: Essential and Premium

Supported Countries and Languages: United States (English) and Canada (English)

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