DXC Information Display for Batch Products

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Smarter purchasing, sales and consumption decisions for batch products

DXC Information Display for Batch Products

For companies that work with batch-controlled production processes, decisions regarding purchasing, sales and consumption of individual batches often need to be made based on detailed information about the batches in question. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, batch information is distributed across the solution, making it difficult and time-consuming to get an overview of this information. With DXC Information Display for Batch Products, you can view standard batch values and batch attribute values from multiple batches in a single overview, saving time and resources, and enabling more informed business decision-making.

Flexible set up and control of batch information

For each released product, you can set up a preferred “Display Group” that specifies which information is shown, and in which order. You can also define a default display group for "All" products, which is used as the default view when showing multiple products that are set up with different display settings. The display groups you define can include any combination of information from batch data fields that you have already defined in the system.


  • Simplify purchasing, sales and consumption processes for batch-goods
  • See information from multiple batches in a single, consolidated view
  • Enable faster processes and better decision making
  • Standard views support typical roles and common processes in your business
  • Simple creation of personal views boosts individual productivity
  • Minimize waste by selling and consuming goods that are close to expiry date
  • Meet customer expectations around product attributes in the goods they purchase from you


  • Define display groups for individual products and groups of products
  • Display information from batch data fields and existing batch attribute values
  • Simple user modification of default display group and modification of display group content per form
  • For use in all forms that can display batch data
  • For use with both finished goods and semi-finished goods

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