Rybbon Digital Rewards

Evenica Corp

Increase customer patronage and referrals by offering digital rewards for loyalty points.

Offer points-to-rewards redemption to drive customer loyalty

Managing a loyalty program and want to offer your customers rewards for their earned points?  Integrate a points-to-rewards program into your online storefront. Leverage a fully integrated digital rewards plugin for providing a personalized points redemption experience to your customers.


Seamless integration with D365 Commerce

Rybbon’s Rewards Gallery is embedded directly within the D365 Commerce online storefront for a seamless points redemption experience.  Loyalty points are managed within D365 Commerce and immediately synchronized with Rybbon when points are redeemed for digital rewards.


Make your loyalty program stand out

Loyalty programs offering store discounts and free products are commonplace today. Stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of your customers with desirable digital rewards. Digital rewards provide immediate gratification and great utility, keeping your brand top of mind for future purchases.


Offer great reward choices for customers worldwide

Build positive brand association by rewarding your customers with the 75+ most respected and valued brands in the world, including Visa, Amazon, Apple etc.


Branded reward experience 

Customize the reward experience by configuring and styling all the steps of your rewarding process to reflect your brand, including the Rewards Gallery, reward email and claim page.


Great reporting

Rybbon’s clear, concise reporting ensures transparency into the performance of your loyalty program. Track email deliverability, gift card redemption rates, and costs all in one platform to ensure a positive ROI.

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