EJADA CRM for Banking

autor Ejada Systems

CRM solution for Banking

A simplistic but yet a powerful efficient solution, to integrate with MS Dynamics to centralize all customer interactions to leverage call center services, automate sales business processes and the marketing engine for campaign management for monitoring and sales integration.

Interactivity empowerment& Oversite 

Transformation to a modern and leading CRM Platform for better customer service

Implementation of Customer 360 view, enabled the access of demographics, products and transactions from one place.


The simplified case management solution enabled the bank to perform Complaints and Requests management capturing user input and required files, from one place integrated  handling with the complex bank system 


Creation of customer 360 view provided a way of Managing private and affluent customers’ information, and handling application requests for RM assignment, upgrade and downgrade customer segments

The Campaign management solution enabled handling   the marketing process of the bank to efficiently distribute bank services to targeted audience. 

With EJADA’s cross industry & cross technology CRM extensive experience and MS Dynamics capabilities, we at EJADA’s CRM development offices, offers a tailored solutions with MS Dynamics for key player clients in different industries to ensure maximum efficient performance for increasing productivity and better customer service.

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