Live Currency Rates

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Live Forex rates for various global Currencies instantly

Our Currency Converter for SharePoint allows you to view and convert various currencies around the world in a flash.

In the add-in part properties you find options for

  • Setting up the base currencies i.e. USD or EUR
  • Ordering the currencies in the list

Current features of the Add-in

  • Live Foreign exchange/forex rates, for 35 currencies around the globe
  • Boosts employee productivity since now you dont have to switch to external websites
  • Easy conversion of any amount in any currency

The rates refresh every instant. Currently we support the below list of currencies.

"EUR": "Euro",

"CAD": "Candian Dollar",

"HKD": "Hong Kong Dollar",

"ISK": "Icelandic Króna",

"PHP": "Philippine peso",

"DKK": "Danish Krone",

"HUF": "Hungarian Forint",

"CZK": "Czech Koruna",

"AUD": "Australian Dollar",

"RON": "Romanian Leu",

"SEK": "Swedish Krona",

"IDR": "Indonesian Rupiah",

"INR": "Indian Rupee",

"BRL": "Brazilian Real",

"RUB": "Russian Ruble",

"HRK": "Croatian Kuna",

"JPY": "Japanese Yen",

"CHF": "Swiss Franc",

"THB": "Thai Baht",

"SGD": "Singapore Dollar",

"PLN": "Poland złoty",

"BGN": "Bulgarian Lev",

"TRY": "Turkish lira",

"CNY": "Chinese Yuan",

"NOK": "Norwegian Krone",

"NZD": "New Zealand Dollar",

"ZAR": "South African Rand",

"USD": "United States Dollar",

"MXN": "Mexican Peso",

"ILS": "Israeli New Shekel",

"GBP": "Pound sterling",

"KRW": "South Korean won",

"MYR": "Malaysian Ringgit",

We invite suggestions for Customizations and feature requests. Please email us at info "@" conais .com

We also have other products for Office Management, Employee Coordination, Document Management, Utility and Productivity. Please get in touch with us to know more about them.

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