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Find out when and where any e-mail you've sent gets opened, and track if it gets forwarded to others

Did they read your email? How many times, when, and where? Did they forward it to anyone else? Are they a human, or a robot?

For 22 years and counting, ReadNotify has remained the world's most reliable, accurate, and detailed personal email tracking service.

This outlook add-in edition gives you one-click access to the world's most powerful e-mail metrics service available.

ReadNotify uses a combination of advanced modern techniques, evolved over decades of continuous research, to measure exactly what happens to your email after you send it. We record the robots that scan it, the anti-spam filters that process it, and the humans that read it, and all that again if it gets forwarded to others or published online.

We report this wealth of information in an easy-to-understand table right inside your email program itself.

If you've ever wondered whether or not they got your email, or if they're ignoring you deliberately, or if they showed your mail to anyone else, this add-in is for you!

How to use:

1. To track any email you send, just click the new ReadNotify button when you compose your email.

2. To see the tracking history of any tracked email you've sent, click the ReadNotify button from your sent-items folder.

ReadNotify is used by millions of satisfied customers globally, including individuals, businesses (including 211 of the top Fortune-500 (2021) companies), researchers, detectives, government, charity and NGO's, military (army, navy, and air-force of nearly every country on earth), police, education, and more.

The intelligence our email-tracking provides allows for anti-fraud investigation, intelligent timing for making sales phone calls, accounts payable research, mailout reach measurement, confidential-information leakage detection, and loads more.

This edition of "ReadNotify Easy Email Tracking" is free and offers tracking for unlimited email quantities. Future editions may offer paid upgrades for additional features.

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