LinkPoint Blade

autor LinkPoint

#1 integration alternative to Salesforce tools. 1-Click to View/Edit/Sync records from any device.

Key Features

  • Email Side Panel - View real-time Salesforce data without ever leaving your email.
  • Email Recording - Simply record emails to Salesforce with just one click.
  • Create and Edit Salesforce records - .
  • TimeScout - TimeScout lets you share calendar availability with prospects and clients to simplify meeting scheduling.
  • Email Tracking - Track when recipients open your emails.
  • Synchronization - Synchronize calendars, contacts, and tasks with flexible settings in near real-time.

LinkPoint Blade requires a paid LinkPoint360 subscription and Salesforce CRM License.

LinkPoint's Expertise

  • Over 20 year partnership with Salesforce
  • Enterprise Ready
  • On-prem deployment or hosted solution
  • Help you achieve Maximum CRM Productivity
  • Increase adoption, gain better insights and improve reporting to improve projections, outcomes, and ROI.
  • Install with peace of mind in compliance with your system requirements and with the support of our in-house teams.

Mogućnosti aplikacije

Kada se ova aplikacija koristi, ona
  • Može slati podatke putem interneta
  • Ova aplikacija možete čitati ili izmijeniti sadržaje bilo koje stavke u poštanskom sandučiću i stvarati nove. Može pristupati osobnim podacima -- kao što su tijelo, predmet, pošiljatelj, primatelji ili privici -- u bilo kojoj poruci ili stavci kalendara. Aplikacija može te podatke poslati servisu drugog davatelja.

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