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Enhance your sales pitches, educational sessions, and presentations with PitchHub!

The PitchHub Teleprompter is a Personal Tab application that can be used to deliver great presentations in meetings, webinars and video recordings.

Get started by pasting the text for your script and start prompting immediately.

There are settings for:

  • Scroll speed
  • Font size
  • Delay in the start of scroll
  • Guide position
  • Text width

To use the PitchHub Teleprompter App you will need a free or paid Microsoft Teams account as well as a paid PitchHub account. Please visit this page for more information about how to setup & use the app:


The PitchHub Teleprompter is a subscription service. Subscriptions are priced at $49 annually or $4.99 monthly. If you are a business and would like pricing for your company, please contact us at

Existing Members do not need to purchase the PitchHub Teleprompter app.


You can view the full set of PitchHub's platform solution by signing up for an account at

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