Showell for Outlook

autor Showell - Sales Enablement

Enhance Outlook with Showell for quick access to sales materials.

Maximize productivity and streamline client engagement with Showell's Add-in for Outlook.

Tailored for sales professionals, this intuitive tool simplifies sharing by embedding direct access to your essential sales materials within your email environment. Whether you're sending proposals, product sheets, or presentations, Showell ensures that your resources are always just a click away.

Ideal for revenue teams seeking efficiency and consistency in their communications, our add-in enhances your Outlook experience, allowing you to focus on what you do best—selling. Get ready to transform your email into a powerful sales enablement platform with Showell.

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Mogućnosti aplikacije

Kada se ova aplikacija koristi, ona
  • Može slati podatke putem interneta
  • Ova aplikacija može pristupati osobnim podacima u aktivnoj poruci, kao što su tijelo, predmet, pošiljatelj, primatelji i informacije o privicima i mijenjati ih. Aplikacija može te podatke poslati servisu drugog davatelja. Ostale stavke u poštanskom sandučiću nije moguće čitati ni mijenjati.

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