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The FAQ is a SharePoint hosted app that simplifies the “Question and Answer” process for your site.

FAQ is a SharePoint hosted application that allows you to display frequently asked questions and answers on your SharePoint site. The FAQ App is a great way to keep visitors informed with just the click of a button. This application is fully customizable with features that are sure to enhance and define your website.

Questions and answers are managed by SharePoint custom list that will be available with app. You can also use FAQ app for anonymous users in public facing websites.


1. Works with Public Facing Websites

2. Easily Customize Titles.

3. Customize Background and Foreground Colors.

4. Ability to Specify Ordering, Filtering and Hyperlinks.

5. Fully Configurable by App Part Properties.

6. Easy to Manage FAQ Items with Custom SharePoint List.

7. Attractive Accordion Display to Expand and Collapse Questions.

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