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GroupLotse helps your team to react quickly to messages from AI, IoT and Cloud services.

"Who takes care of it" - As soon as you have tasks done by a team, the quick clarification of this question is crucial for an efficient process. The ever-increasing acceleration of processes through the use of AI, IoT and cloud services presents innovative teams with major challenges in this regard. GroupLotse for Microsoft Teams offers a simple and cost-effective solution to meet these challenges.

For which teams is GroupLotse valuable?

• Teams that regularly receive messages from AI applications, IoT devices or cloud services via various interfaces

• Teams that make decisions and trigger actions based on incoming messages

• Teams that want to initiate new processes via interfaces

• Teams that want to spend less time and effort on clarifying responsibilities and initiating follow-up processes

What features does GroupLotse offer in Microsoft Teams?

• Forward messages from AI applications, IoT devices or cloud services to one or more channels in Microsoft Teams

• Filtering of messages via positive and negative lists

• Make group decisions in the channel about how to respond to a message via buttons or checkboxes

• Trigger AI applications, IoT devices or cloud services via interfaces automatically or by group decision from the channel

• Remind the team when no channel member has responded to a message

What can I administer with the GroupLotse Add-in?

• Register with the GroupLotse Service (Free Version available!)

• Invitation from GroupLotse to one or more channels

• Configuration of interfaces of your GroupLotsen

• Extension of your GroupLotsen with actions (automatically or by group decision)

• Definition of positive and negative lists

• GroupLotse can be operated completely via Microsoft Teams

For which companies is GroupLotse interesting?

• Service providers: e.g. of maintenance services

• E-Commerce: e.g. online store operators

• IT administration: e.g. cyber security companies

• Monitoring: e.g. security services

• Building automation: e.g. smart building operators

Start improving your team's performance with GroupLotse today. To use the GroupLotse Add-In, add it to Microsoft Teams and follow the registration process. Quick Start Microsoft Teams:

Start with our permanent free version and create up to five GroupLotsen for five channels of your choice!

We currently support registrations from the following countries: Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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