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AQL’s Super Jobs webpart for your SharePoint intranet to improve staff hiring

Make internal recruitment a part of your hiring strategy to boost employee motivation through growth opportunities and management support. In fact, this can be influential in building a culture of trust which further leads to increased engagement and retention. Also, make it easy for your HR team and senior management to find, recruit, and onboard employees for required positions.

Apart from providing a portal for employees to search, view, and apply for jobs related to specific designation, department, location, and technology. AQL’s Super Jobs webparts also allows both the HR team and higher management to:

1. Post company-wide job openings across the globe.

2. Add publish date to posted job vacancies.

3. Apply search filters to make sure only specific users/groups of departments or divisions can see the vacancies.

4. Get notification alerts in case of any jobs being applied.


1. Simple and user-friendly property pane for configuring webpart lists and defining permissions.

2. Make managing super jobs easier with intelligent keyword search.


1. “Applied” displays on the Job cards users have already applied for themselves.

2. Added skills with multiple selections in Super Jobs for users to choose.


1. Added support section under property pane.

2. User can able to download user manual from property pane.


1. Added all applicants details tab in webpart.

2. Webpart Owner/Admin can able to download applicant resume from all applicants tab.

Webpart Subscription Details:

Download the AQL Super Jobs Webpart as a free trial version for 30 days. After 30 days, you can purchase the webpart at . Also, get 1-year or 2-year support plans at reasonable prices along with the web part.

Note: While your purchased web part has lifetime validity, additional support plans need to be purchased after the end of their subscription period.

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