Clustered Stacked Bar Chart

DEFTeam Solutions Pvt Ltd

Stacked Clustered Bar Chart visualizes quick trends using multiple categories with drill downs

Clustered Stacked Bar Chart by DEFTeam allows efficient method to analyze data having 3 category variables and one numerical variable.

This chart allows user to discover trends using multiple categories.

Clustered Stacked Bar Chart allows grouping and clustering of data on a stacked bar.

Category 1 is used for creating cluster. Legend is used for creating stacked bar.

Category 2 is a category variable which is used for dividing Category 1 cluster.

Free version of the chart limits the data plot to 30 rows. Free version also does not support data labels, drill down and cross filtering features built in the chart.


Premium Features:

- Drill Down Support (Clicking on Cluster will drill down to next level)

- Data Labels (Plot Data labels on bar chart including total values)

- Cross Filtering

- No Watermark

- Support more than 10000 rows

You can purchase premium edition from


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