BI Reporting - PowerON Protect - Pro with MDE

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Reporting for your Arcserve UDP environment by PowerON

The PowerON Protect reporting solution provides insight into your Arcserve UDP environment, showing key metrics for storage, coverage, job status, server performance and security posture.

This report is ideal for both key Arcserve UDP administrators who want easy access to key information to monitor the health of their environment and quickly check on job status, including drilling into job failures while also well suited to give out delegated access to information to non-administrators without granting access to the management console.

  • Avoid having to log into the main Arcserve UDP console (and having the rights to administer the platform) just to gain access to important information.
  • Gain a deeper level of insight than natively available.
  • Shorten your management overhead time and understand the security posture of your important backup solution.

Purchase of a subscription license from PowerON is required to connect the Pro versions to your Arcserve UDP data

This version integrates with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and is a pre-requisite for the report to work. Additionally, server performance in the report requires the Arcserve UDP server to be onboarded to Azure Arc and VM Insights.

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