iGeneration - Digital Twin Implementation


iGeneration on Azure – Industrial IoT Implementation in 6 weeks

Adfolks-iGeneration is a collaborative product on Microsoft Azure Cloud which offers various managed services.  Microsoft platform caters to all the requirements from Source Data Collection to Business Reporting to Data Science Engagements.


  1. Managed Services converting IT industry to IT Enterprise and combining direct impact with Sales, Warehouse, Supply Chain from Sources like SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Oracle
  2. It connects to multiple streaming services like Azure IoT Hub, Kafka, and Event Hub to create real-time applications and dashboards.
  3.  End-to-end implementation from collecting Data to Dashboard building. Standard KPI and basic Data Models are part of the Solutions
  4.  'Pay as you go’ model and One time investment on the Framework. New KPI Integrations later point will be treated as change requests
  5. Augmented on adaptable, a scalable and powerful platform on Azure.
  6. Integration of Social Media Data from API will be added contribution from Adfolks side. Adfolks helps to integrate Google AdWords, Facebook, Consumer Data from multiple sources to iGeneration as well to identify manufacturing, sales, depletion distribution and marketing defects
  7. Business Technical Dashboards, Management  Technical Dashboards will contain Batch and Real-time Dashboards. Each will contain separate KPIs based on the need. These data will be directly sourced from Industrial IoT, Scada, Pi Servers
  8. Business Commercial and Management Commercial will be populated  from ERP/CRM applications
  9.  iGeneration Intelligent Dashboard will contain Business Technical +Business Commercial and contain their dependencies. It will also contain some forecasting data
  10.  iGeneration Social Dashboard will contain Social Media Data + Business Commercial Data and explain Marketing and Sales dependencies
  11. This Managed Service will also provide an Audit Dashboard which will contain how many pipelines have run and which are failed. Probable impacts on Dashboards

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