Mobility Cloud Platform

autor Bosch

The Mobility Cloud Platform enables your digital business to grow faster & stronger

With the objective of addressing the challenges faced in the Cloud and IoT services domain, especially but not limited to the Mobility domain, Bosch has created the Mobility Cloud Platform (MCP) - a launchpad and ecosystem for developing, implementing and scaling IoT enabled digital products for new age connected solutions with the help of our scalable high-performance multi-tenant architecture, re-usable technology stacks, support for a wide range of devices and complete operational support with required tool chains. With MCP, Bosch wants to enable digital transformation at startups and corporates alike.

MCP has curated the services offered into three product categories as below:

Infrastructure Services – MCP offers cloud infrastructure subscriptions from Azure. The primary benefit for customers is the quick savings of up to 12% from Day 1 on cloud infra costs owing to Economies of Scale achieved by MCP by reaching out to multiple different customers and sharing the benefits with its customers. MCP has an in-house migration consultant team which manages the complete migration and onboarding process for customers as well as providing technical insights on enhancements and optimisations to improve the performance whilst reducing the overall costs of the cloud infrastructure.

Mobility Software Services – This is the crux of the MCP service offering. MCP has created a custom suite of software services which are offered on a PAYG (Pay-as-you-Go) SaaS model. All the services are ready-to-use plug-n-play services which can be integrated with the customer application with minimal time and effort. The benefit for customers is that they can save massive amounts of time and effort used to build these services from scratch. Moreover, by virtue of being a platform, MCP continuously enhances existing features and introduces new features which are available to all customers instantly upon release with no extra cost or effort. Additionally, all concerns regarding policy and regulatory compliance are allayed as MCP would always ensure its services are fully compliant to the latest laws and regulations.

Peripheral Services – MCP also offers a host of shared peripheral services like Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance, Application Monitoring, DevOps as a Service and custom development and consulting services. This product portfolio also solves the underlying problem of customers regarding lack of expertise and availability of talent for cloud infrastructure operations and DevOps.

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