CourMed Logistics™

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Comprehensive, Concierge Healthcare Delivery Logistics Management


The concierge healthcare industry is expanding rapidly, especially in the era of COVID-driven challenges where demand for delivery of in-home services, from meals to healthcare, is booming. As the need for patient-driven, patient-centric healthcare grows, so too does the immense revenue opportunity for businesses that provide in-home or location-based health and wellness services.

CourMed Logistics is an enterprise-level software platform utilizing innovative technology to harness the power of crowd-sourced delivery. By providing end-to-end visibility into all care connection points, CourMed Logistics enables concierge healthcare businesses to seamlessly orchestrate logistics, improve efficiencies, and drive increased revenue.

Ideal For:

• Concierge Healthcare Businesses
• Pharmacies
• Medical Labs
• Infusion & Specialty Pharmacies
• Hospitals, Physician Groups, Clinics
• Home Healthcare
• Medical Supplies & Equipment
• Hospitality, Gaming & Cruise Lines

Key Benefits:

• Complete end-to-end visibility, from provider to pharmacy, to delivery driver, to patient
• Simple & effective tools to manage your workforce, appointments, and deliveries
• Real-time tracking of order status
• Data-driven reporting empowers actionable insights and increases revenue opportunities
• Monitor your supply chain, anytime, anywhere
• Intuitive technology platform – get up and running fast

Key Features:

• Comprehensive ‘at-a-glance’ dashboard provides full visibility of the entire order chain
• Drill-down access for up-to-the-minute tracking details on specific orders, teams, drivers, and patients
• Real-time location, status, and click-to-track detail by order, customer, and delivery driver
• Full-capability task management with the ability to add resources on-the-fly
• Manage on-demand pickups and deliveries efficiently
• Easy scheduling of at-home appointments
• Comprehensive workforce management and scheduling by teams, manager and geofence boundaries
• Automated alerts to help you stay on top of a dynamic environment
• Powerful communications platform for email, SMS, video chat, and notification scheduling
• Simple set up with templates, auto allocation, recurring rules, and access controls
• Manage merchants and billing, right from the software
• Integrates with Pharmacy Management Systems such as Pioneer & Liberty
• Web App software platform, companion delivery driver apps (iOS and Android)
• Flexible platform scales with your business
• Bar-coded delivery labels make transfers & reporting a breeze
• Comprehensive reporting for performance, effectiveness, efficiency & ROI- by task, day, order & team

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