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Empower employees collaboration productivity and success with a strategic SharePoint AI Intranet

Dalikoo: Your Trusted Partner for Tailored SharePoint AI Intranet Implementations

At Dalikoo, we understand that a successful SharePoint implementation goes beyond simply deploying the platform. We offer a comprehensive and methodology-driven approach that ensures your SharePoint environment is strategically aligned with your unique business needs, fostering seamless collaboration, improved efficiency, and measurable ROI.

Our Proven Implementation Framework:

1. Discovery and assessment:

  • We facilitate interactive workshops with key stakeholders to understand your specific challenges, workflows, and desired outcomes.
  • We conduct a comprehensive content audit and analysis to identify existing content, assess its organization, and develop a migration strategy from legacy platforms like on-premises SharePoint or other collaboration platforms such as Google and Lotus Notes.
  • Our experienced architects design a clear and intuitive information architecture that facilitates easy navigation, efficient information retrieval, and user adoption.

2. Solution Design & Development:

  • We leverage SharePoint's robust capabilities to configure your environment with features like:
    • Customizable document libraries with access controls and versioning.
    • Automated workflows to streamline approvals, notifications, and task management.
    • Dynamic lists and forms to capture and manage specific data efficiently.
    • Search customization for enhanced information retrieval and discoverability.
    • Artificial Intelligence deployment through integration with OpenAI, Microsoft Copilot, and designing Document AI (Intelligent Document Management processing).
  • We integrate SharePoint with your existing systems (CRM, ERP) to eliminate information silos, streamline data flow, and create a unified digital experience.
  • We prioritize a user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation, personalized dashboards, and extensive training programs to empower your employees.

3. Deployment & Ongoing Support:

  • We implement your SharePoint solution in controlled phases to minimize disruption and ensure a smooth transition for your team.
  • We provide tailored training programs aligned with user roles and responsibilities, equipping your employees with the knowledge and skills to leverage SharePoint effectively.
  • Our dedicated team offers continuous maintenance and support to ensure your SharePoint environment remains optimized, secure, and adaptable to your evolving needs.

Benefits of Partnering with Dalikoo:

  • Dalikoo has a proven track record of success in helping organizations of all sizes achieve their SharePoint goals.
  • Dalikoo has created several Azure Open AI based bots that run on SharePoint and streamline the process of publishing and analyzing content.
  • Dalikoo is proud to be recognized by Microsoft as a leading SharePoint partner, and our work has been featured in several Microsoft customer success stories.

Ready to unlock the full potential of SharePoint?

Contact Dalikoo today to discover how our expert team can craft a tailored SharePoint solution that drives measurable success for your organization.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Advanced Customization: Develop custom web parts, workflows, and branding to perfectly match your unique requirements and brand identity.
  • Security & Compliance: Implement robust security measures and comprehensive governance policies to ensure data integrity, regulatory compliance, and peace of mind.

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