Earth Knowledge Insight Services

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Earth Knowledge -- integrated planetary intelligence, ESG, climate, and sustainability

Earth Knowledge Insight Services

Earth Knowledge Insight Services provide you with in-depth understanding of earth systems with models detecting past, present, and future insights that impact investment portfolios and company’s assets, supply chains and markets. This includes ESG, Climate-Biodiversity Risk Predictive Analytics. Earth Knowledge Insights incorporate more than 300 Global Change Indicators that assist you to isolate key risk factors which, when mitigated, create a far more sustainable and profitable company and investment. EK Indicators, from the earth’s subsurface to atmospheric, are led by EK Network’s President, Nobel and Expert Scientists who have decades of research and work understanding interacting with global change risks and opportunities. IPCC leadership led climate scenarios are the base of Earth Knowledge analytics and indicators map to ESG, Climate and Natural Capital recommended reporting standards such as TCFD, UN SDGs, EU Taxonomy, SASB, GRI and more.


Earth Knowledge Insight Services includes advisory at the Board & Management Levels to help make corporate transformational shifts to increase sustainability, mitigate nature, biodiversity and climate risks, and improve investments and operations. Nobel Laureate and Experts supplement Earth Knowledge Foresight when specific industry, global change risk or geographical expertise is needed.  There is so much complexity to the human-planet interactions and resulting financial risks, that to make the best decisions requires EK Networks’ talented experts’ advice. Data Science or Analytics Implementation Support that can include Geospatial Data Implementation, Customized Data Analytics, and/or Customized User Interface / User Experience.

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