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Self-service location analytics software

Powerful Analysis Made Simple

ArcGIS Insights is analysis software that combines location analytics with open data science and business intelligence workflows. Make data-driven decision with self-service location analytics software powered by ArcGIS Online, Esri's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mapping software that powers all ArcGIS apps. Answer questions you didn’t know to ask, analyze data completely, and unlock new understanding. Empower analysts of all skill levels across departments to directly connect data, perform advanced analytics, and take results into third-party systems. Optimize decision-making with analysis that visually informs the organization of new, previously unexplored insights gained from the perspective of “where”.

Accelerate Your Analysis Workflow
Perform advanced analytics such as spatial, statistical, predictive, and link analysis within an intuitive experience that works the way you do. Use exploratory analysis techniques to quickly uncover patterns, trends, correlations, and relationships.

Analyze Data From Multiple Sources
Directly connect to relational databases, spreadsheets, or data from ArcGIS and use them all at once in your analysis. Map any value with projection and location accuracy—addresses, coordinates, lines, or boundaries.

Communicate Your Analysis
Deliver data stories that unlock new insights, document your analysis method, and present information that is clear and easily understood. Create reports that use text, links, images, videos, and branding to clearly communicate your results and show how you reached them.

How ArcGIS Insights Works

Step 1: Connect Your Data
Directly connect to your data. Put your data onto a page by performing a drag-and-drop operation. Visualize data on cards as maps, charts, and tables to unlock endless possibilities for analysis and data exploration.

Step 2: Find Answers in Your Data
Answer questions that guide you to the best tool or dive right into analysis. Quickly aggregate data on a map; reveal hot spots and outliers; make predictions; join data spatially; show relationships between people, places, and events; and more.

Step 3: Show Your Work
Clearly communicate how you arrived at your results. Share a step-by-step model of your analysis or create an interactive data story that informs internal or external stakeholders.

Contact Esri directly if you are a US government, non-profit, or other customer with special pricing considerations. Outside of the United States, please contact your local Esri office for availability and pricing information.

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