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Give teachers more time to teach and students more ways to learn

Whether you are a school or a group of schools, you need to support learning in and beyond the classroom, track progress and give students guidance to go further every day. 

The Firefly LMS, helps you to support learning in the classroom and beyond, with seamless integration across your favourite tools, simple resource management, and complete visibility of every student.

Seamless Integration - everything you need in ​one secure space 

  • All your classroom tools on hand, ready to use at all times
  • Your favourite learning content, together in one accessible place
  • Fully integrated with your Microsoft environment

Simple resource management - support learning in the classroom and beyond 

  • Create and share resources with students and teachers
  • Reuse content with different classes, year on year
  • Set, manage and mark homework quickly and easily

Complete visibility - understand each student’s needs and progress

  • Track the progress of every student, every class, over time 
  • Give everyone the information they need, when they need it 
  • Access a unified learning record for all school activity 

Firefly gives teachers more time to teach, and students more ways to learn. With more places to work, more ways to collaborate and more time for students, teachers can provide an even stronger learning experience across all of their classes. 

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