Itron Enterprise Edition Meter Data Management

autor Itron

Data management solution for residential gas, water and electric meters, C&I and IoT sensors.

Deliver operational efficiency and revolutionize and accelerate business value.

IEE is the most widely deployed MDM solution in the world. More than 100 utility customers across 6 continents employ IEE systems. Collectively, these systems manage more than 45 million meters, 75% of which are interval meters.

For the larger IOU market, IEE MDM is a highly scalable enterprise application that centralizes the collection, processing, storage, and complex analysis of smart device data, events, and alarms. For the municipal and cooperative market, IEE Essentials offers a focused subset of IEE MDM functionality without sacrificing the essential capabilities of the standard IEE offering—all while delivering a cost-effective solution.

• Provide secure, accurate and reliable data to a wide array of utility billing and analysis systems

• Deliver operational efficiency with simplified processes driven by user defined business rules.

• Revolutionize and accelerate business value and monetization of metered data.

• Provide a system of record where consistent, secure and auditable processes are enforced

• Enable faster implementation and innovation, lower total cost of ownership using the cloud-based solution

• Highly scalable

• Automated workflows to increase user efficiency

• Add a persona-based user experience

• Provide tighter integration with key outcomes (transparent data integration: getting rid of need to write APIs to move data)

• Improve demand response through dynamic pricing programs (CPP, TOU, PTR, etc.)

• Support Multi-commodity utility needs: Water, Gas and Electric provides a single data store.

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