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AI Producer and Microsoft Teams turns anyone into a professional Broadcaster. Fully Automated.

Engaging and sharing information with other people using video has never been more important.

AI Producer is the powerful easy-to-use tool that allows you to do this, without the need for technical expertise.

AI Producer enables Microsoft Teams users to create professional broadcasts, as well as the opportunity to turn Teams meetings into custom branded and engaging productions.

Keeps your viewers engaged and focused - With just a few clicks, you can produce a Presentation, Talk Show, or Panel Discussion, whether it be for product presentations, financial reporting, education or team briefings.

AI Producer for Teams

  • Integrated in Microsoft Teams as a meeting extension
  • Preset production formats that suit your needs
  • Brand your broadcast with a logo and background
  • AI Producer will automatically create a vivid and engaging broadcast
  • Viewers can follow the broadcast in another Teams Meeting, Teams Webinar, on LinkedIn or a distribution platform of your choice, you can also archive to OneDrive
  • No production staff or technical expertise needed

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About LiveArena Technologies

We provide software for automated live broadcast productions.​ Our solutions are based on AI ​and cloud technologies- our customers include small and large corporations and organizations worldwide. We serve all markets that want to harness the power of digital engagements.

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