Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Education Accelerator adds updated data model and sample apps


  • Education Data Model: The data model provides a shared and consistent metadata definition for common education tables such as course, program, and student resource. When ISVs build on the same data model, the common schema allows for new interoperability and improved processes and insights. The latest update includes new Grade Scale and Course Requirements tables and other enhancements such as calculations for grade point average and course credits attempted, enhanced entity and attribute definitions, and additional sample data.
  • Available on GitHub: The solution, sample data, SDK extensions, and more are provided as part of the open-source creative license and available on GitHub.
  • Sample Applications: The Higher Education sample applications include a student portal with event management and tele-advising features, a program registration portal, and a model-driven application for administrators. The K-12 sample applications include a parent/student portal with attendance and homework tracking features and a model-driven application for administrators.

How to Experience

  • Get It Now: This option installs the scenarios into your Dynamics 365 or PowerApps environment. Please know, you need an environment and the appropriate privileges to install. Please uninstall the previous version of the accelerator after installing the latest version.
  • GitHub: solutions, samples, documentation, and more are available on GitHub

Additional Support

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