Spoivo - Sales Data Integration Platform

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An integration platform from various sources of purchase and sales data with the manufacturer's data

Spoivo is a platform that integrates sales data from various sources and systems with manufacturers data. It consists of services covering the most important data areas, processed by manufacturers from the FMCG, cosmetics, chemical, pharma and DIY sectors. It facilitates cooperation with business partners, such as distributors, retail and pharmacy chains, or retail outlets. The basis of the Spoivo platform is integration, i.e. bringing external data to the format and dictionary used by the manufacturer. As a result, you receive data ready for immediate analysis and available within one system. You save time and costs so far related to processing data within your organization.

Spoivo includes the following services:

  • Integration of data from commercial and pharmacy chains

It combines sales data generated by the chain with your data. Learn the level of implementation of purchase plans, the volume of KAM turnover and the use of discount budgets.

  • Sales Identification Service

Find out who is buying your products directly from distributors and get to know the market better. Reach new customers. Verify the potential of points of sale and implement effective actions.

  • Sales by category

It integrates data covering all sales of the distributor within a given product category. Learn about the share of your products in sales to individual stores. Find out where the greatest potential lies and get there with your offer.

  • Settlement of discounts

Verify the correctness of discounts requested by distributors. Determine the value of the discount to be returned and settle it with ease.

  • Ex-factory sale

Get accurate information on the stocking of wholesalers you work with. Check how many of your products are purchased directly from you and how many from other wholesalers.

  • Sellout and stock levels

Integrates sales data generated by chains. Monitor the stock level in pharmacies. Get to know the level of sales realized directly to end customers.

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