7P Private 5G Network (Stand Alone)

Seven Principles AG

Powerful and secure private mobile network (campus network) on your premise

Private Mobile Networks by 7P combine advanced cloud native network functions and Open RAN radio solution components into a powerful connectivity solution on your premises. We can provide you with all services required to build and run your own private mobile network starting with assisting you with your use case up to operating your network as Managed Service if desired:
  • Identify the right connectivity choices for your use case: Wifi, 4G or 5G.
  • Support requesting your radio license (4G and/or 5G only)
  • Plan your radio coverage
  • Design your network seamlessly across all different technologies using Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Software Defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN) and thus connecting islands into ONE secure network
  • Taking care for security and data privacy from the very first steps of network planning
  • Build and expand your network. You can start small and gain confidence about the power of your campus network and then grow.
  • Assist your ops team with the new technology or operate your network as Managed Service
Every network is different - every use is different - learn more about Private Mobile Networks from 7P and its capabilities - sign up for more information now using "Contact me".

This application is available in German and English.
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