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Artificial intelligence dedicated to ensuring proper medication use.

This application is available in English and French. 

 Synapse is the latest and most extensive drug information application dedicated to ensuring proper medication use, updated DAILY. 

 The Synapse App is edited by Synapse Medicine, the leading provider of AI solutions for Healthcare Professionals. Are you a Healthcare Professional who wants to prescribe as accurately as possible with a reliable, fast and always up-to-date app? Use complex Artificial Intelligence algorithms to simply answer your questions, adapt prescriptions and obtain reliable information on prescription drugs on a daily basis. 

 - Secure prescriptions: take a picture of your electronic (non handwritten) prescription with your cell phone or tablet, Synapse will automatically analyze drug interactions and adverse effects and flag any potential risks. 
 - Save time: find the most appropriate dosage, check contraindications, adverse effects, interactions, etc. Synapse covers tens of thousands of active drugs, pharmaceutical ingredients and related pharmacological classes. 
 - Interested in scientific publications? Simply check our integrated PubMed® engine, powered by the U.S. National Library of medicine*. 

 Available on cell phones, tablets and desktop computer. 
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Important : The drug information provided is directly extracted from official Government databases. Under no circumstances should this information be used in place of the medical knowledge and expertise of a Healthcare Professional. 

 *PubMed® is a registered trademark of the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

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