TRaiCE - Business Financial Risk Detection System

autor TRaiCE Inc.

TRaiCE Early Warning Business Risk Detection and Monitoring System

The TRaiCE BizIndex use case is designed for firms investing in entities. Here, TRaiCE creates a business risk index based on the digital information existing for the entity, such as its digital footprint and other information about the entity available in the public and social media space created by parties external to that entity.

Private equity and venture capital funds would find this useful, as it can save them the bandwidth spent on researching an entity. The TRaiCE BizIndex system runs 24x7, automating the customer analysis daily, generating insights, and presenting them to its end-users.

The customer can then make an informed decision based on the information shown by TRaiCE. Weekly reports and alerts of the businesses listed are delivered to the user via e-mail.

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