VZOR Apps Monitor


Measure the real experience of your client and user, monitoring your End to End applications.

It is a module capable of monitoring the entire ecosystem of business applications, being today the widest in its scope. Among its main functions are the monitoring of the user experience (synthetic monitoring), the monitoring of the integration layer (Webservices and TCP Sockets) allowing the interoperability of the various applications and business platforms, presenting real-time indicators of availability and performance, ensuring operational continuity in their services.
Middleware Monitoring: Of the main benefits of VZOR APPS Monitor, is the possibility to carry out both simple and complex monitoring of its applications, allowing to monitor health states of its services, as well as specific queries of them, with methods such as GET, POST, PUT, DELETE or any action that corresponds to integrations, through Webservices, allowing to have a wide view to track business flows that develop under this layer.
Monitoring UX: Along with monitoring modules of your application, VZOR APPS Monitor is able to perform simulations of user experience, through robotic process automation (RPA), adapted to your Android web and/or mobile application in order to perform deliver measurement metrics such as response times, load times, DNS resolutions, latencies, among other variables. In addition, defining expected behaviors and alert when some of the flows are not met correct.
Monitoring IVR Flows: Of the additional features of user experience monitoring is the possibility that VZOR APPS Monitor is able to monitor the experience of any interactive voice response flow (IVR), managing to validate the quality of service of any Call Center (CC) that you want to monitor.
Monitoring Legacy Apps: In addition to monitoring WEB applications and the various modules that make up it, VZOR Apps Monitor is able to monitor various legacy desktop applications, thanks to the ability to take control of the desktop of an operating system (Windows or Linux) and perform actions automatically through computer vision technology.

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