VZOR Brain Monitor


Module that integrates with VZOR Suite 360° capable of predicting incidents.

Innovative module (optional) of the VZOR Suite 360° Platform, capable of predicting incidents based on a catalog of services. 

This allows organizations to:

  • Early detection of incidents in monitored business services.
  • Establish anomalies in behaviors.
  • Define confidence thresholds.
  • Perform analysis of different scenarios in advance of the claim occurring.

In order to take advantage of all stored data, the idea of using it as a data source for an analytical and machine learning method, such as Deep Learning, resurfaces.

Thanks to this, VZOR Brain Monitor is able to predict behaviors, even within up to 1 hour in advance based on a learning model in Machine Learning with techniques based on Deep.

This download requires that you have VZOR Infra or Apps Monitor installed.

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