VZOR Infra Monitor


Unify, centralize and automate the monitoring of your ICT-IoT infrastructure without limits.

It is a module capable of monitoring your entire IT/OT infrastructure and delivering all the necessary tools to plan your growth, saving licenses, human resources and trainings. It unifies monitoring with its main performance indicators, through modern, flexible, adaptable and scalable software and service to different technologies and with the ability to perform different types of reports.

Infraestructure IT/OT: It has multiple profiles and preconfigurations for the various existing technologies, server infrastructure, communications, datacenter, IT/OT, among others. In case of no monitoring, under a special project we develop the connectors to perform the necessary integrations.
Networking & Security: infrastructure monitoring module has multiple profiles for different technologies according to market manufacturers, however, our area of development and I+D, it is capable of homologating new brands and devices that the market offers to our customers.
Management and Contracts: This monitoring allows our customers to manage their suppliers, since has the ability to monitor availability compliance (SLA) offered by real-time providers, through the various monitoring modules with which we. In addition, it notifies early expirations of these and allows you to have a summary view of suppliers, agreements and their digital document if that's what's required.
Databases: It has out-of-the-box compatibility with the most popular engines databases, such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL, delivering performance information for your solution, from the number of connected users to response time per query specified.
Among the main aggregate values that our IT/OT infrastructure monitoring solution has is VZOR Inventory Monitor, which is an inventory monitoring module fully integrated into our VZOR Infra Monitor base solution, which allows to add a new category to the information currently captured from the different IT/OT infrastructure devices of the organization. This new category, delivers the data of both inventory and performance devices, allowing you to perform an analysis of your Hardware details, at the same time centralizing this information and leaving it a click away, either in a report that summarizes the elements of both software and hardware, or in a personalized online dashboard, which allows you to dynamically see the different infrastructure assets of the organization.

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