Copilot Studio Accelerate

Argano LLC

Discover the potential of Microsoft Copilot Studio in just 1 day with our expert-guided POC

For many businesses AI can be intimidating and complex, with seemingly endless possibilities but no clear starting point. Our solution experts have been on the ground floor during the development and delivery of the newest AI tools such as Microsoft Copilot Studio and are here to help organizations demystify AI and harness its benefits for your business.

Argano will guide you in leveraging generative AI to enhance your operations like customer service through virtual agents and chat bots powered by Copilot Studio. Additionally, we'll show you how to deliver rich and personalized experiences to your customers and users. With the robust capabilities of Copilot Studio, you can empower your platform and your team to interact with your data in a prompt and response format to do things like anticipate customer needs and create exceptional experiences.

This offering will include a workshop creating a custom solution in your Microsoft tenant to demonstrate Copilot Studio and includes a specific scope that includes the activities:

  • Bot creation and initial configuration as a baseline
  • Generative AI based on SharePoint, web or documents to deliver value in seconds
  • Topic and Entity Management to create purpose driven business-centric use cases
  • Creation of rich cards inside chat for enhanced user experiences
  • Utilize the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot and Power Automate to perform business operations automatically and retrieve information from many data sources
  • Use AI Prompts to quickly interpret data and information to return quick value-added responses
  • Demonstration of using Azure OpenAI to connect to data sources through chat
  • Next steps and road mapping for Copilot Studio in your organization

No solution delivery is included in this offering and the demonstration serves to showcase the product's capabilities in a tailored use case scenario. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to explore how Copilot Studio can transform your business and discover its latest capabilities.