Rapid Risk Assessment: 4-Wk Assessment

Ascent Global, Inc.

Immediate and long-term Microsoft security strategy assessment utilizing security tools such as Defender, Sentinel, and Cloud App Security.

Organizations often lose sight of immediate, time-proven attack methods, instead allocating time and financial investment to protect cloud data from future threats. Ascent designed the Rapid Risk Assessment (RRA) to build a resiliency plan for the threats of tomorrow while still defending against the risks of today. The RRA identifies three main types of risks: threats and vulnerabilities, business contingencies, and regulatory and compliance missteps. After the assessment, we provide firms with immediate and long-term security plans.

Our comprehensive discovery process identifies key imperatives across five critical security capabilities. The RRA roadmap triages the next steps to a secure cloud by factors of risk priority and the current maturity of the firm’s existing solutions. We create actionable risk mitigation and technology implementation plans from an in-depth review of a business’s threat profile, strategic cybersecurity goals, and compliance landscape.

Capabilities Analyzed ■ Strategy, Governance, Risk, and Compliance ■ Identity Security ■ Data Protection ■ Infrastructure Security ■ Cyber Operations

Deliverables ■ Threat hunt summary of actions report ■ Threat hunt intelligence report ■ A multi-year security roadmap with detailed dependencies and potential key decisions. ■ Documented resource support requirements estimated in time, consultants, and technologies. ■ Detailed stakeholder roles and responsibilities.

Workloads Driven for the Microsoft Field ■ E5 ■ ACR ■ AAD ■ MEM ■ Defender ■ Sentinel