Microsoft 365 Email Threat Protection Assessment


Microsoft 365 Email Threat Protection Assessment evaluates your email security, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides tailored solutions to enhance your email data protection and security measures.

Microsoft 365 Email Threat Protection Assessment

Enhance your email security by identifying vulnerabilities and implementing robust defenses to protect against evolving threats.

Our Approach

Our approach unfolds in the following stages:

Discovery & Runbook

  • Conduct an inventory of resources and configurations in Microsoft Defender/Security Admin center.
  • Export the current Microsoft Secure Score.
  • Compile details into a comprehensive runbook.

Review & Access

  • Review configured rules, policies, filters, and alerts based on the discovered details.
  • Conduct risk analysis for each configuration in place.
  • Provide insights into Microsoft Secure Score Overview, History, and recommendations.

Recommendation & Report

  • Offer recommendations with detailed reasoning for identified issues aligned with best practices.
  • Generate a report on discovered and analyzed issues, along with a remediation plan and implementation roadmap.

What We Cover?

Assessment of the following:

  • Anti-Phishing Policy
  • Anti-Spam inbound & outbound policy
  • Anti-malware policy
  • Safe Links
  • Safe Attachments

Key Benefits of Our Assessment

  • Helps to improve Microsoft Secure Score.
  • Pinpoints vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your email security infrastructure, helping prioritize areas for improvement.
  • Identifies potential threats and vulnerabilities, preventing data breaches and safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Helps prevent costly security incidents and data breaches by proactively addressing email security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Strengthens overall security posture by identifying gaps in email security defenses and recommending proactive measures.


  • Existing Email Security Assessment report with identified security flaws.
  • Detailed architecture for both existing and proposed solutions of Microsoft 365 Tenant security protections.
  • Recommendations to enhance email security.