Big Green IT Security Assessment: 3-Week

Big Green IT - Dev

Secure and monitor your Microsoft 365 environment to protect all of your customers data and information. Our Microsoft 365 Security Assessment provides an analysis and roadmap to securing that data.

What We Do: Our MS Certified experts work together to determine your security score and detect just how secure your current Microsoft 365 environment is. In doing this, we uncover who has access to your Microsoft 365 internally and externally, expose any ransomware and/or malware, identify any compromised account credentials, and more.

How We Do It: Secure Score Our experts utilize Microsoft Secure Score to gather security insights and determine what security controls within Microsoft 365 are currently being utilized. -Use Microsoft Secure Score to understand current security baseline -Track score improvements over time -Track configuration drift, using scheduled reviews

Prioritize Our experts work with you to prioritize the security actions from Secure Score based on user impact and implementation cost.

Build Roadmap Our experts build a roadmap for the implementation of the prioritized security actions.

Weekly Agenda: Week 1 Execute an assessment and analysis of your current Microsoft 365 environment to gain a mutual understanding of cloud security objectives and requirements.

  • Kick-off workshop
  • Provide pre-assessment questionnaire

Week 2 Provide your Microsoft Secure Score with tailored recommendations & best practices to successfully implement Microsoft 365 security features. -Completion of questionnaire -Return completed questionnaire -Export and transfer Microsoft Secure Score data for analysis -Best Practice Review

Week 3 Deliver a roadmap of Microsoft 365 security capabilities for your unique security objectives and requirements that will improve your Secure Score and your overall security posture. -Security objectives and requirements -Microsoft 365 security readiness -Microsoft 365 security assessment -Microsoft 365 security roadmap

Deliverables: Security Remediation Roadmap -Current Microsoft Secure Score summary -List of remediation recommendations -Ranking of severity & prioritization of remediation items -Recommended quarterly update program