Bitscape Microsoft 365 Security Assessment: 3-Wk Assessment


Get expert recommendations and deep analysis for your Microsoft 365 environment to detect unknown anomalies and mitigate them reviewing enterprise level scenarios following best practice.

Bitscape Microsoft 365 Security Assessment is fine tuned in responding to enterprise level scenarios affecting your environment. By Mitigating most critical issues We will perform deep analysis of your existing environment to detect threats and mitigate. We also evaluate the current architecture and streamline the process. organizations can reduce the risk exposure and ensure optimized protection and productivity.

As part of the Security Assessment, Bitscape will address elements such as: • Existing Security design Assessment. • Governance and Compliance check. • Data Leak safeguard. • Advanced Threat Protection from Cybersecurity and Ransomware Attacks. • Gap and Risk Analysis of potential Threats.

During this assessment journey we will analyze your existing solution and rationalize it with a strategic view on mandatory security implementations and recommendations.

This will include documentation and current solution compatibility check moving on to Microsoft 365 with a virtual workshop to streamline the requirement meeting organization's expectations. Validations include:

• Email design and architecture documentation. • Documentation reform. • Logging mechanism and Mobile Device Management (MDM) configurations providing maximum management capabilities of Org Devices. • Data loss prevention policies. • Information Protection labelling.