CIS Top 20 Control Gap Analysis: 3-Day Assmt


By leveraging CompuNet, armed with CIS top 20 controls and its team of experts, they can advise on what controls to leverage inside the Microsoft suite as well as when to leverage 3rd party solutions.

Organizations need to understand the security risk they incur when shifting their employee and customer experiences to the cloud; new security controls need to be implemented to reduce the risk. The question becomes, "what are those risks and how do I mitigate them?" This is where CompuNet can assist with creating a roadmap based on the CIS Top 20 and our engineering expertise to facilitate a shift to the cloud while still maintaining security around your data, PII, apps, and workloads. Our engineers will show you how to fully deploy solutions like Azure Active Directory Premium that your organization may already own. We will provide a full report reflecting your cloud security posture, leveraging the CIS Top 20 controls as well as the Microsoft Secure Score. We can also map this information to security compliances that your organization may have to meet today or in the future. We provide recommendations and solutions to shore up the gaps in your environment.


Day 1:

  • Overview of security offerings within Microsoft 365.
    •   Microsoft Defender, Data Loss Prevention, Conditional Access, Identity Protection, Cloud App Security
  • Aligning Microsoft 365 to the CIS Top 20 Controls

Day 2:

  • Assessment of current security posture
  • Demonstration of Microsoft 365 and Azure Active Directory security controls
  • Mapping Microsoft 365 to your existing 3rd party solutions

Day 3:

  • Delivery and review of findings and recommendations
  • Finalize security roadmap