COSMO BC2GO - Managing Customers: 2-Day Implementation

Cosmo Consult

Easily configure the managing customers module in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central on your own. You get necessary information and instructions that guide you through the implementation process.

BC2GO-Managing Customers is perfectly suited for companies that would like to implement the managing customers module in the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Especially for those who would like to decide for themselves when and how the project proceeds or are on a tight budget. With this offer you receive everything you need to get your company up to speed easily, quickly and cost-effectively!

This digital service provides an in-app consulting experience and self-driven implementation for key users sales. With clear guidance based on standardised and proven digital solutions, there is no need for human consulting. You will consume step-by-step-instructions in form of videos and documentations through the free COSMO Digital Consultant that is integrated directly in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and a prerequisite to using this project and its contents.


After completing this project in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you will be able to:

  • Create a customer

  • Change customer data

  • Import/migrate customers

  • Create and manage posting groups

  • Create and manage numberseries

  • Create and manage dimensions

  • Use customer analysis and statistics

  • Create and manage customer prices and discounts

  • Import customer pictures