Exchange Online Migration: 6-Week Deployment

Cyclotron Inc.

Exchange Online connects email and calendar clients like, Outlook desktop, Outlook on the web and Outlook mobile app to access email and collaboration functionality.

Every enterprise needs a messaging platform that delivers email, calendar, contacts, and tasks. With Modern Work setup, organizations need to be flexible with their employees to be able to send an email from tablets, phones and laptops wherever they carry. Users with an Exchange Online license connect to Exchange Online through email and calendar clients like, Outlook desktop, Outlook on the web and Outlook mobile app to access email and collaboration functionality, including shared mailboxes, shared calendars and global address lists. This Cyclotron offer will help organizations migrate to and deploy Microsoft Exchange Online.

Migrating to Microsoft Exchange Online helps organizations: -By making their lives easier: With Exchange Online, don't have to look after the up-time or the patching or the upgrading of the platform. -Keep Your Data Together: Exchange Online enables you to set up a large inbox and have an archive in place. Instead of having to search for emails in multiple locations, your employees will have the choice of keeping them in the primary inbox or of archiving them. -Accessible from Anywhere: You can stay connected and coordinated whether you are using outlook on your work PC using Outlook with Exchange Online. Whether using Outlook Web App or the app on your smartphone, all your info stays coordinated. -Shared Calendar: You can share your calendar with your co-workers, colleagues at other organizations, even friends and family so they can see when you are or aren't available and make appointment requests. -Shared Mailboxes: Group or shared mailboxes are included free and with stacks of storage per user, you don't have to worry about deleting the emails to free up mailbox space. A shared mailbox is a container with a signed email address that contains emails, calendar items, folders and all other content that usually resides in your mailbox. -Compliance: Microsoft Office 365 services have been certified as compliant with ISO 27001 standards, completed SAS70 Type I and II audits, and achieved the EU Safe Harbor seal. -Integration with SharePoint and Skype for Business: Microsoft Exchange Online, SharePoint and Skype for Business together provide integrated archiving, hold and eDiscovery functionality. It helps preserve important data in place across exchange mailboxes, SharePoint documents and websites and archived Skype for Business content. -Advanced security capabilities: Exchange Online helps protect your information with advanced capabilities. Anti-malware and anti-spam filtering protects mailboxes. -Reliability: With a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, financially backed service level agreement, you can count on your email always being up and running. -Admin Center: Manage your organization efficiently with the Exchange admin center, an easy-to-use, web-based interface. -In-place archive: Give your users an in-place archive, so they can keep all their important data in one place. -Data safeguards: Data loss prevention capabilities prevent users from mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people. -Security across devices: With mobile device policies, you can create approved mobile device lists, enforce PIN lock, and remove confidential company data from lost phones -Multi-Geo Capabilities in Microsoft 365: Manage your global data residency needs and drive the digital transformation of your organization with per-user data location controls in Microsoft 365. Multi-Geo is now available for Exchange Online and OneDrive. -Stay in control: Maintain control over your environment while gaining the advantage of hosting your email on Microsoft servers. -Control the mail flow: You can use mail flow rules (also known as transport rules) to identify and take action on messages that flow through your organization. Mail flow rules contain a richer set of conditions, exceptions, and actions, which provides you with the flexibility to implement many types of messaging policies. -Monitor the emails and their behavior: Perform a message trace as the emails travel through your Exchange Online organization. You can determine if a message was received, rejected, deferred, or delivered by the service. Message trace also shows what actions were taken on the message before it reached its final status.

​​​​​​​Administrators receive operational and management-level reporting to demonstrating how classified, unclassified, and protected data flows across and outside the corporate environment. They can automatically enforce content protections & sharing warnings. They can also investigate legal cases & escalate insider risk cases to the appropriate HR group.