Microsoft 365 Secure Score: 4-Wk Assessment


The Microsoft 365 Secure Score Assessment offers a reliable means to ensure that your Microsoft Cloud Security posture is robust and satisfactory, providing you with peace of mind.

ECF Data provides the Microsoft 365 Assessment, a service that assists customers in assessing their existing security and compliance status. This engagement aids in evaluating their current posture and devising a strategic plan to meet the specific requirements of the organization.

During the assessment, we will thoroughly examine the company's utilization of Microsoft 365. This includes evaluating the alignment of the application's controls with the company's policies and determining whether all available security features are being utilized effectively. Our assessment aims to assess the configuration of the company's Microsoft 365 environment in terms of safeguarding user identities, fulfilling compliance obligations, and detecting data loss incidents. Upon completing our evaluation, we will collaborate with the company to create a feasible action plan that addresses critical risks identified during the assessment.

Throughout the assessment period, our team of security consultants will collaborate with you to complete an assessment questionnaire. This questionnaire is designed to gain a deeper understanding of your organization's security posture in relation to people, processes, and technology.

The assessment will cover the following:

-Kick-off meeting
-Pre-assessment questionnaire
-Demonstration on how to export Office 365 Secure Score data
-Customer to return completed questionnaire
-Customer to export and send Secure Score data
-Analyse questionnaire and Secure Score data

Workshops covering:
-Security objectives and requirements
-Microsoft 365 security readiness
-Microsoft 365 security assessment
-Microsoft 365 security roadmap

Upon completion of the assessment, we will provide a report containing recommendations and a roadmap derived from the results of the Office 365 Secure Score evaluation.