Secure Modern Workplace with Microsoft and Ergo: 1-Wk Assessment


Ergo's Microsoft 365 secure audit for your modern workplace environment, resulting in detailed report of findings, recommendations and deployment plan of these recommendations.

Ergo's Microsoft 365 Security engagement will cover the Microsoft 365 platform, user identity, organisational data and the set of in-use Microsoft 365 services. Recommended security configuration updates and service changes will be highlighted and where additional licensing is required to achieve the recommendation, this will be highlighted too. The end goal of this engagement is to produce a detailed technical report that steps through the findings, recommendations and timelines in a clear and straightforward way. We provide a review and audit of the Microsoft 365’s current security configuration, a set of detailed and prioritised recommendations and an executive summary that includes a suggested order and timeline for the deployment of these recommended items

The Microsoft 365 audit is broken down into four sections:

  1. Identity and Access Management
  2. Threat Protection
  3. Information Protection
  4. Security Management