Eviden Intelligent Automation Bot 11-Weeks Implementation

Eviden International France - SAS

The assessment of the automation including Process Design Document must be available as a pre-requisite and will be evaluated by Eviden to ensure it can be used as input to implementation.

Eviden has a t-shirt size model that is used to evaluate the complexity of the automation and determine the implementation time. The complexity of automation is classified as Simple, Medium, and Complex based on multiple parameters, including the number of actors, applications, sub-processes, scenarios, and process steps.

Eviden uses a Bot Factory model for building intelligent automation at scale. This methodology ensures consistent and broader implementation of automation with higher quality, reduced costs, and a quicker time to deployment.

We follow an Agile methodology to build the automation and deploy it in the client’s environment, including reviews at all stages to ensure the quality of automation. Once unit and integration testing is completed, the automation is released to the client to complete User Acceptance Testing. This is followed by a go/no-go decision to deploy the automation in production. Once in production, a hyper-care period of 2 weeks is provided based on the complexity of the automation. After that, it is handed over to the client’s support team for steady-state maintenance.

The prerequisites for the implementation are the completed assessment, availability of the Power Automate platform on the client environment with licenses for the development and deployment of automation, access to the automation platform from Eviden locations, and access to all the target applications that the automation will use. 

The benefits of this offering are:

  • Complexity-based estimations enable quick evaluation of the effort and cost required to implement automation.
  • Best practices from Microsoft and Eviden are incorporated to ensure automation quality.
  • Reusable components and knowledge management are used to reduce the implementation time. 

This offering is part of a set of offerings that includes Intelligent Automation Assessment and Intelligent Automation POC offerings.