HCL Biz Apps - Marketing Accelerator - 1 hr Assessment

HCL Technologies Limited.

HCL has deep expertise in Dynamics 365 Marketing. Marketing Accelerator will streamline the implementation process, along with retail marketing on Microsoft Cloud for Retail.

What is it? The Marketing Accelerator is a collection of customizations and enhancements to Dynamics 365 Marketing that have universal application and utility. These tools are relevant for any organization across all industries. And it’s getting better all the time! We are continually adding new features and functionality to address the needs of our customers. Plus, it is quickly installed by an HCLTech team member and is functional in just a few minutes.


  • URL Shortener for Redirect URLs - Redirect URLs are one of the unsung heroes of Dynamics 365 Marketing, allowing click tracking on any link anywhere and anytime. However, the link generated for tracking is extremely long. The Accelerator includes an automatic API call to the URL shortener of your choice on Save of the Redirect URL record to create an easy-to-use short URL suitable for print, tv, social, or any other advertising medium.

  • Redirect URL Google Analytics - A toggle has been added to Redirect URLs that allows organizations to choose whether they want Google Analytics included in their tracking.

  • Campaign and Campaign Response Implementation - One of the core marketing pieces missing from a vanilla installation of Dynamics 365 Marketing is campaign management. The accelerator brings this into the application, enabling the tracking of ROI for any advertisement, as well as taking next step actions for future market segmentation based on lead source.

  • RSS Feeds - Automatically pull RSS Feed items into Dynamics 365 Marketing with Microsoft Power Automate and send timed emails with relevant content to RSS Feed subscribers

Value The customizations included in the HCLTech Marketing Accelerator will save your organization weeks of work and time, significantly reducing the overall cost of your Dynamics 365 Marketing implementation. By reducing your time-to-market, the Accelerator gets you very quickly on the road to realizing maximum value on your investment.