Quick Dynamics Insights - 6 Wks Implementation

Hexaware Technologies

Quick Dynamics Insights implementation to improve customer engagement for sales, service and field-service while prioritizing customer activity, customer transactions to deliver tangible outcome.

Organization must stay abreast of trends within their business, across a range of perspectives, from regions to industries and from products to individual prospects Hexaware can enable the following through insights implementation


  • Forecasting - Predict highly accurate, individualized sales forecasts so sales leaders know what to expect from the pipeline and why.
  • Lead and Opportunity Scoring - Predict which leads are most likely to convert and which opportunities are likely to close so sales reps focus on the right deals, every time.
  • Account Scoring - Predict the likelihood of an account being receptive to your brand, messages, and products, so that you can identify and prioritize the right accounts and sell more
  • Opportunity and Account Insights - Identifies, surfaces, and prioritizes the most valuable deals —those with the largest deal size, most executive engagement, and more — directly within Sales so reps are always one step ahead.


  • Customer Churn Risk - Predict the likelihood of a customer leaving so that you can intervene and keep your customer happy.

  • Product Upsell or Cross-Sell - Predict the likelihood of a customer or prospect purchasing a particular product, so that you can prioritize the products you target for your customer and sell more.
  • Next Incident - Predict the likelihood of a customer experiencing an incident so that you can deliver proactive service to your customer
  • Onboarding Success - Predict the likelihood of a customer reaching adoption milestones within the first 30–60–90 days of becoming a customer.
  • Propensity to Escalate - Predict the likelihood of a customer escalating a case to social media, so that you can keep your customer happy.

    Hexaware’s implementation will cover the following features:

  • Data ingestion using Power Automate, 3rd party connectors or Hexaware custom-built connectors.

  • Prospect / Customer 360-degree views
  • Insight-based actions collated into role-based action framework