Modern Workplace Assessment: 4-day Assessment


Assess your business against Microsoft 365 products, the Power Platform and Azure-related services to understand where it is on it's User Journey towards a Modern Workplace.

With the Microsoft Modern Workplace, organizations can be productive and efficient while working remotely. The Modern Workplace consists of Microsoft 365 (Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive etc.), Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security. With their readiness assessment, HSO will help you score your business on everything from Teamwork and Adoption and Change Management, to Compliance and Secure Remote Working and give you the insight as to where enhancements and efficiencies can be made.

HSO will help you answer questions like: How can I increase employee productivity and collaboration with Microsoft 365? How can I improve internal communication and social interaction with apps like Teams and SharePoint? How can I increase employee well-being and development, with Microsoft Viva? How can I protect my workforce against cybercrime, with enterprise mobility & security?  How can I better support the core business with workplace innovation through Microsoft apps and services?

The Workplace Innovation Assessment consists of 3 workshops and write-up across 3 to 4 days:

Workshop 1: Assessing the current status of the digital workplace Part 1: Assessing the current digital workplace Part 2: Defining the desired workplace, with the implementation of Microsoft 365 and Enterprise mobility & security.

Workshop 2: Defining a roadmap - During this workshop we determine the route, the priorities and the program to achieve the desired Workplace Innovation.

Workshop 3: Migration assessment - During the migration assessment we elaborate on the activities that need to be performed to get started with Workplace Innovation.

HSO will validate license costs of current and new solutions and help your business understand the implications of any changes and what additional costs versus savings these could bring; everything you to reach your Modern Workplace goals.

** Please note: This offer includes a free discovery engagement period for qualified accounts. Additional workshops and associated services vary by customer and location.