Finance and Operations: 10-Wk Implementation

Innoware Ukraine LLC

Innoware is recognized as an expert within the consulting services industry specializing in enterprise resource planning system (ERP) implementation and support.

For Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations implementation we use own proven project methodology – IW URM (Unique Reliable Method), which allows to:

  • get fully set up ERP system according to customer’s requirements and expectations;
  • minimize risks which affect project parameters, such as budget, timeline etc.

Innoware specialists have practical experience with standard Microsoft localizations and if necessary can refine the functionality to support local requirements of a particular country. Our R&D team is able to do modifications and develop additional features to the standard functionality of the ERP system to support customer specific business processes or peculiar legislative requirements for tax and accounting.

Project stages

  • Requirements analysis and system design
  • Prototype development (installation, configuration, development, testing)
  • Preparation for productive use
  • Commissioning and support after “going live”.

As a result of collaboration with our company the Customers receive:

  • a solution configured and set up according to particular business requirements;
  • integration with other Dynamics 365 solutions, as well as software products from other suppliers that were chosen by Customers;
  • accounting configured in accordance with financial policies and requirements of local legislation;
  • a set of detailed project documentation with design of all realized business processes user guides for successful system test, acceptance, usage and training of new employees;
  • trained Customer’s Key Users who possess knowledge of business processes, well prepared for the system use, its further development and scaling;
  • smooth project realization with properly managed expectations, roles, tasks and other important parameters, that make this professionally driven effort an enjoyable journey.

Cost and duration are determined by project scope, which is unique for every Client.

Our services are available in English, Czech, Ukrainian.