Catalyst Commerce: 3-Wk Proof of Concept

inspirit365 AS

Let's be inspired of a true omni-channel approach including eCommerce, cloud-based point-of-sale and sales order processing, and that is tightly integrated together.

The Proof of Concept goes through 4 main workshop phases focusing on omni-channel processes using Dynamics 365 Commerce, Supply-chain and Finance apps.

  1. Inspire with Envisioning Workshop (2x4 hours) - We imagine a future state solution for your business. Define current challenges and uncover rapid solution prototyping possibilities. Deliveries are documents and presentations where the future possibilities are drafted and transformed to businesses requirements.

  2. Design with Business Value & Solution Assessment (8 hours) - Building a compelling Value Proposition with Financial Business Outcomes. Understand business priorities, document current processes, and map to future solutions. Deliveries of this assessment is a shark finesse ROI calculation that showcases the future business value.

  3. Empower with a Solution Demonstration (8 hours) - Brings the organization’s vision to life through visual assets, solution demonstrations, and immersive experiences that showcase the transformation vision and value. Deliveries here are a scoping mapping document, where ready-to-use functionality, business processes and your requirements are mapped. The Solution demonstration will be based on your example data, products and processes.

  4. Achieve with a Transformation Plan (2x4 hours)- Create the organization’s transition from envisioning to execution. An action plan, produced for and delivered to the organization, offers a real-world blueprint for executing the solutions and transforming the organization’s business. Deliveries here are a detailed Sure Step 365 implementation plan, where a high level project plan is presented together with costs and license requirements.

Offer estimates is based having 2 architects that will run 6 workshops, create deliverables and setup for the Solution Demonstration covering call-center, Point-Of-Sale and eCommerce. Licenses are not included with this offering, but we will work closely with Microsoft to get trial licenses.