BambooHR Integration with Microsoft Office 365: 3-Days Consulting Service

IT Partner LLC

The aim is to link BambooHR with Microsoft Office 365 through single sign-on (SSO), making it easier for users to access BambooHR using their Azure AD credentials.

Integrating BambooHR with Microsoft Office 365 streamlines user access and enhances productivity by enabling single sign-on (SSO) functionality. With SSO, users can seamlessly access BambooHR using their Azure AD credentials, eliminating the need for multiple login credentials across different applications.

SSO simplifies the user experience, allowing seamless access to BambooHR without the hassle of entering passwords repeatedly. This integration marks a significant advancement in user authentication, aligning with modern authentication standards and enhancing Identity and Access Management (IAM) practices.

IT Partner Responsibilities:

  • Verify prerequisites for SSO implementation
  • Create an Enterprise application for BambooHR
  • Configure the application as per requirements
  • Enable and test SSO functionality
  • Configure BambooHR to support SSO

Client Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate resources and schedules
  • Provide a dedicated point of contact for collaboration
  • Coordinate with external vendors if required
  • Provide administrative access to Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Notify users about the new integration
  • Review and approve deliverables in a timely manner

Additional Cost Items Not Included:

  • Migration of data to Azure (can be purchased separately)
  • Installation of user programs on virtual machines (except for the office suite)
  • Workstation configuration


  • Administrative access to the company's Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Administrative access to BambooHR, supporting SAML authentication


  • Kickoff meeting
  • Data collection for the project
  • Connection to the client’s Microsoft 365 tenant
  • Connection to BambooHR
  • SSO configuration
  • Verification and issue resolution

Success Criteria:

  • SSO enabled on Azure with BambooHR application
  • Selected users able to authenticate on BambooHR using Azure AD credentials

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