Lightstream Microsoft 365 Comprehensive Security Assessment


Lightstream will provide you a comprehensive understanding of your Microsoft 365 security landscape with actionable recommendations.

In today's digital age, the importance of robust cybersecurity measures cannot be overstated, especially for enterprises leveraging Microsoft 365 as their cloud productivity platform. Despite its widespread adoption, the security aspect of Microsoft 365 often takes a backseat until a cybersecurity incident occurs, exposing businesses to significant risks and operational disruptions. Recognizing this critical gap, Lightstream's Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessment Bundle for Microsoft 365 offers a proactive solution to fortify your digital defenses. This bundle includes an E5 or Business Premium Cybersecurity Assessment and Remediation Roadmap, alongside a Business-Critical Risk and Ransomware Assessment, ensuring your organization's resilience against cyber threats.

Powered by Lightstream’s Microsoft 365 Cybersecurity Professional Services, this bundle is designed to unlock the full security potential of your Microsoft 365 E5 or Business Premium subscriptions. It addresses the common challenges faced by IT organizations, such as configuring, integrating, managing, and reporting on the security capabilities within Microsoft 365. With insufficient visibility and control over data and users, businesses often experience a diminished return on their investment, heightened security risks, and increased operational costs.

By partnering with Lightstream, you gain access to granular security control, allowing for a comprehensive understanding and effective protection of your business-critical data and applications. Leverage the built-in security capabilities of Microsoft 365, including advanced threat protection, multi-factor authentication, and data encryption, to safeguard your sensitive information. Lightstream’s services also streamline the configuration and integration of Microsoft 365 security components, enhance management and reporting efficiency, and mitigate data leakage risks through robust data loss prevention policies.

The Business-Critical Resilience Risk and Ransomware Assessment, grounded in the CIS Framework, complements these efforts by focusing on the essential IT and OT components crucial for your mission's success. This risk-informed assessment covers all facets from staffing and technology to information management and facilities, ensuring a comprehensive security strategy that balances productivity, collaboration, and cybersecurity.

Choosing Lightstream for your Microsoft 365 Tenant security assessment is a strategic move that significantly enhances your cybersecurity posture. Lightstream delivers a 360-degree view of your security landscape, providing a detailed analysis, remediation roadmap, actionable recommendations, and clear directions for corrections. This approach not only identifies security gaps but also equips you with the expertise and processes to maintain a secure, compliant, and optimized environment.

In a landscape where cyber threats are constantly evolving, Lightstream's commitment to reducing risks and enhancing productivity offers peace of mind as a guaranteed outcome. Whether your tenant includes Exchange, SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive for Business, and Yammer, Lightstream ensures that every organization committed to cybersecurity excellence has access to essential, cutting-edge professional services. Lightstream is more than just a service provider; it's an indispensable partner in achieving cybersecurity excellence. The Comprehensive Assessment might take up to two hours with a Tenant admin to deploy Lightstream's proprietary tools. This is followed by up to eight hours of engagement with your IT team members to complete the Lightstream Business-Critical Resilience Risk and Ransomware Assessment. The process of compiling the comprehensive report can take up to two weeks, culminating in a two-hour review session with your team to discuss our findings and recommendations in depth.