SharePoint On-premises Migration to SharePoint Online: 4-Week Proof of Concept

Lotus Beta Analytics Nigeria Ltd

To swiftly migrate SharePoint On-premises to SharePoint Online

lban-sp_onprem_migration_spo uses Microsoft SharePoint migration tool to migrate contents from SharePoint On-premises (2013/2016/2019) environment to SharePoint Online.

This service is provided by Lotus Beta Analytics, and it is to help move SharePoint On-premises contents such as Lists, Document Libraries, custom solutions, etc. to SharePoint Online. A lot of investors and corporate users have had harrowing experiences migrating from older offerings of SharePoint On-premises to the cloud-based offering - SharePoint Online and still do not get value for investments. Lotus Beta Analytics "lban-sp_onprem_migration_spo" services will help address this. Our approach in evaluating environment, planning, migration, reporting, post migration strategies and continued pivot support will help save considerable time and efforts needed to achieve organizations' desired modern workplace change.

(i) Evaluate: We explore and quickly get full visibility to your environment, analyze, fix, plan, move, and monitor it. (ii) Plan: We provide clear-cut visible migration plans for contents, users, etc, and ensure these are mapped correctly to the destinations with the right permissions so users can start working immediately and seamlessly (iii) Migrate: Smooth migration of small, mid and large scale of contents from on-prem to SharePoint Online. (iv) Report: Centralized evaluation, migration, issues, and remediation report for ease of tracking and monitoring. (v) Continued Support: Our reporting strategy helps to ease validation and Verification of migrated contents, and quick fix of issues to allow organizations arrived at their desired modern workplace faster with continued support.